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Truth, Lies and Chocolate
99 facts and fairytales about food

Introducing Truth, Lies and Chocolate by Julie Meek – finalist in the foodie equivalent of the Oscars, the 2010 Le Cordon Bleu World Food Media Awards.

The truth about nutrition can be very hard to swallow. But you’ll be devouring healthy tips in no time when you pick up Truth, Lies and Chocolate, the comprehensive new book by Julie Meek.

Julie’s friendly style and bite-sized morsels of information make it easy to pick up and find simple facts to help you get the most from the food that you eat - whether you’re an athlete, a school kid, a mum, a corporate executive or Joe Bloggs!

  • Discover that chocolate and red wine can be a full-body treat.
  • Find out how to get your energy high and keep it there.
  • Learn how to avoid spending money on gimmick nutrition programs.
  • Read the facts and fairytales about coffee, omega-3, detoxing and diet soft drinks.
  • Pick up tips on carbohydrates, the Glycaemic Index, probiotics and sports drinks.

No hype. Just fresh, accurate information that you can apply to make healthy changes to your diet in an instant.

Take a sneak peek inside, read the reviews and buy your copy of Truth, Lies and Chocolate by Julie Meek online.


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