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The book of food truths

Take a look inside Julie’s book of food facts and you’ll find the truth about food nutrition isn’t so hard to digest after all. In fact, Truth, Lies and Chocolate is a veritable feast of fun tidbits to get your body buzzing naturally. Click on the hot food topics below for a sneak peek.

Is chocolate good for you?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what Julie uncovers about Australia’s favourite sugar fix in her book of food facts. Read more about chocolate

Types of carbohydrates

Are all carbohydrates created equal? Is it as simple as separating your complex carbs from your simple carbs? Find out the truth about foods containing carbohydrates. Read more about carbs

Fruit juice nutrition

Is fruit juice a healthy thirst quencher? Are you guzzling more than is good for you? Read more about fruit juices

Chips, oil and fat

If you cook your chips in vegetable oil, does it mean they’re better for you? Is it true that some oils have a lower fat content than others? Read more about chips, oil and fat

Hungry for more? There are 99 facts and fairytales for you to devour in Julie’s book of food. Read the book reviews and buy Truth Lies and Chocolate online. Or, if you specifically seek the truth about food nutrition for children, fitness, weight loss or certain food groups, see Julie’s food fact ebooks.



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