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What people are saying about Truth, Lies and Chocolate

Truth. Lies and chocolate clears up lots of common misconceptions. It should be a must for all grandparents! You can just keep it within reach and flick through it every now and then. You don’t need to dedicate time and concentration - its so easy to read. As a health teacher it lets me cover a topic in a concise and efficient manner that my students can relate to.

Nicole Angove
Phys Ed teacher and mother of two

Brilliant book , should be compulsory in schools.


Meek by name, but as writer and presenter, Julie Meek is anything but! With energy, verve and passion,this author clearly and concisely gives us a great taste of health goals to aspire to, and equally excellent tips to inspire. ....delicious to look at and equally tasty to read.

Wiggy (Elizabeth) Saunders
Founder, LunchBox List

At last, a great, informative and easy to read book on nutrition. You don’t need to have a degree to understand it and for once there’s no guilt trip. As with the many talks of Julies I’ve attended, she conveys information in a fun, interesting and entertaining manner and lets us know it’s ok to enjoy food, making it easy to ‘get’ a sensible and practical eating routine happening.

Thank you Julie, for treating us to this delightful and helpful reading experience.

Shona Enderby
Quarantine Systems Supervisor,Gorgon Project
Chevron Australia Pty Ltd

This little book is deceptive as it contains so much useful information. Julie has so simply explained the 'truth and lies' of food in this easy to follow, quick reference book. As a mother of two I often refer to this book for answers and it hasn't let me down yet. This book is a must have for everyone."


A wonderful book for learning and getting a clear understanding of food. This book changes some of my long held incorrect beliefs. My teenage children and I consider this book a “must read”.

John Broons

We all eat well some of the time – but we do not all choose to eat well all of the time. The book was most valuable in reminding me of things that I had forgotten (or perhaps did not really want to remember)…


truth, lies and chocolate cuts through the misinformation on food and nutrition out there like a chainsaw through a lamington with 99 Facts and Fairytales. Her matter of fact, informative writing style is welcomed in these days of fads and nutritional half-truths. Lovingly illustrated by local artist Natalee Poli.

Spice Magazine

Its about time someone got frank with us. With the nulti-million dollar weight loss industry still cashing in, something isn’t working. All the information provided is thoroughly researched so whether you like it or not, Julie’s advice is spot on the money. Her easy to understand and humorous manner helps the digestion of hard truths, so anyone seeking the real story on weight loss and general health will benefit from this read.

Scoop Magazine

Truth, lies and chocolate is a tasty-looking, handbag sized collection of facts and fairytales about food and a handy reference for anyone looking to dispel the myths and separate fact from fiction.

West Weeekend Magazine


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